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GRNlive Tips & Tricks

This is a list of organisations and links that GRNlive supports. Please feel free to comment via e-mail and/or suggest other resources.

Pitching stories to GRNlive and our clients

1 - Send us an email with your story idea in brief, give us details: who, why, what, where and when

2 - Sign up to this site - link on the top right and post on the Story Ideas page - put in more details

3 - We'll send your ideas to our clients

Also - think 'Dollar Podcasts' - have a look here - sell stories direct to your public email

Please email us is you'd like a GRNlive email address - you'll get 1GB of online storage.

TV facilities

TVZ is a supplier of Broadcast Services information to the international television newsgathering industry. Its principle aim is to act as an online venue for the promotion of professional TV facilities to newsdesks and sports desks around the world.

GRNlive is working in partnership with AP GMS (Associated Press Global Media Services) to offer the most competitive package combining a correspondent and a live feed - contact GRNlive or AP for details.


Audio-Video Tools and Online Resources

A great collection of links to help with all your video needs

This is a truly excellent resource, if you are looking to report with your iPhone - have a look at the Mobile Reporting Field Guide produced by UC Berkely Graduate School of Journalism. 

GRNlive's Reporters Audio Production Kit  - our audio/podcast tool

This is an old peice of software - it's still good and useful for making podcasts - pc only

We'd appreciate a donation if you want to use it...we suggest 10 USD

To download - click here

Help guide - nothing built into the tool - click here & learn how to record click here


Please e-mail us if you would like a copy of our video software - SNAPS 'stories, news and photographs'.....

To download the SNAPS help documents - please click here...this is a generic Mac version, but SNAPS is available for both Mac OS and Windows PCs