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"GRNlive is great when you are in a tight spot and major news is breaking, you are so efficient, such a great organisationMax Hayton, Foreign Editor of TVNZ

"GRNlive's access and coverage has been unparalleled over the trouble in Tehran recently. While most lines to any foreign journalists have been shut down, we talked to your correspondent, who gave us a great description of the crowds in the streets" Constance Lloyd, the General Manager of CBS Radio News

"We have found GRNlive to be an invaluable tool and a huge asset. The service provides world class journalists at short notice from locations worldwide. Its proved a huge help in that it gives speedy access to on site journalists as stories break where before valuable time was lost as each news outlet tried to source a journalist at the scene. I believe the GRNlive service has proven itself as a valuable tool for any busy newsroom". Cathy Farrell, Director of News at Today FM Ireland's largest independent radio station.

"GRNlive extends our reach with journalists we trust." Andrew Pepper, Producer, CBC News

"I've always been impressed by how GRNlive operates.... - very professional, and understanding when I'm going nuts and have to turn down a request. I feel a real sense of respect from all of you at GRNlive, and the respect is mutual from my side. Kudos to all of you for offering unexpected income-generating jobs for us. So go ahead and quote me! There was a lot of pressure during that first week of the Breivik trial here in Oslo, with so many angles and the news breaking quickly, and I had my own website to worry about, too. The interest from GRNlive and GRNlive's clients was, however, greatly appreciated. I'm always happy to help when I can." GRNlive correspondent Nina Berglund, Oslo, Norway

"I would like to say how great it has been working with you these last few years. The live shots have been a great help to my income and I am really impressed by how you guys are efficient at paying. The lives are also a lot of fun. I hope we can work together again in the future".  Ioan Grillo, on leaving GRNlive for Reuters

"Demand for authoritative international news has never been higher but the number of media companies wealthy enough to keep staff correspondents dotted around the world has never been lower. GRNlive has positioned itself perfectly to fill this gap.With its network of professionally-tested and crisis-proven correspondents located strategically around the world, and its ability to guarantee the impartiality and quality of their material, GRNlive offers a fantastic service in the modern media age. Try GRNlive once. I guarantee you will be back for more". Correspondent Tim Butcher