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GRNlive Ad Hoc Rate Card

Services Available - Contact GRNlive for details - available at Ad Hoc and Contract price to contract clients and SAF clients

Ad-Hoc Two-ways with correspondents in the GRNlive Network

In-vision - £450

In-vision (hazardous environment) - £600

In-vision via Skype/IP - £350

In-vision (hazardous environment) via Skype/IP - £450

 Skype/IP in-vision with live backdrop +20% 

Telephone Two-way for TV - £250

Telephone Two-way for TV (hazardous environment) - £350

Radio Two-way - £200

Radio Two-way (hazardous environment) - £300

Please Note: A two-way is a standard Q&A - usually lasting 3-7 minutes
Other details

HAZARDOUS ENVIRONMENTS (HE) CURRENTLY INCLUDE: Afghanistan, Algeria, Bahrain, Burma, Cuba, DR Congo, Egypt, Gaza, Iraq, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Morocco, Pakistan (outside Islambad), Sierra Leone, Somalia, Syria, Ukraine (and border regions), West Bank, Yemen, Zimbabwe.

GRNlive will also add HE rates for reporting from the proximity of a natural disaster.

This list changes from time to time - we will inform you when booking or via client e-mail alerts when HE rates apply.
Other GRNlive Rates

Radio packages/features
Contact GRNlive - depending on length and location
TV packages/features
Contact GRNlive - depending on length and location
TV fixing, day rate
Contact GRNlive
Radio and TV production / guest booking
Contact GRNlive

Please Note:

Reduced rates are available for subscription clients (please contact GRNlive for bespoke packages and other details).

Terms and Conditions for each two-way/job
  • GRNlive will send out story alerts to subscription clients, but editors and producers should call GRNlive on + 44 (0) 20 7976 5335 for other stories.
  • Our office will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Bookings handled in strict order of requests from non-priority clients.
  • Photographs of our correspondents are available on our website – these can be used in ‘on-screen’ graphics.
  • GRNlive vets correspondents but provides no editorial guarantees nor accepts any liabilities for the content broadcast.
  • Invoices are sent in the 1st week of the month following the booking.
  • Our terms are 14 days. Late payment will result in a further 10% added for each month overdue
  • First time clients may be required to pay in advance.
  • All clients must confirm in writing their acceptance of this rate card.
  • Rates reflect ad-hoc usage.
  • GRNlive provides contact details and order numbers and bills on issued order numbers unless cancelled.
  • GRNlive will invoice on all order numbers unless notified that a two-way didn't happen.
  • Kill Fees will be automatically charged at the full rate unless cancelled with reasonable notice.
  • Any phone calls by correspondents to your newsroom, or patching through via GRNlive will be charged on the invoice.
  • Correspondents need to be branded GRNlive, unless otherwise agreed. Please contact us directly for exclusivity agreements for specific territories.
  • Delivery of correspondents is dependent on availability and communications.
  • The fee is for broadcast use on your main network only. Material broadcast on more than one medium (other than the internet as part of normal broadcast) or through affiliate stations (radio or TV) is subject to premiums. Please contact the GRNlive office for details.
  • The price of two-ways with correspondents in war zones and other hazardous environments may vary.
  • Details of correspondents are strictly confidential; you must contact GRNlive for an order number before calling a correspondent and agree you cannot contact correspondents independently of GRNlive.
  • Each booking will constitute acceptance of this rate card and its terms.
  • This rate card may be subject to change at any time.