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GRNlive Pictures


GRNlive Pictures has been set up by ex-Getty Images Director, Matthew Buxton.

We are a Photographer's Agent, not a Photography Agency.

We are a bespoke Assignment service. So if you need a specialist photographer in an unusual part of the world we will sort out it for you. 

Priscilla Coleman has been drawing court scenes for ITN for over 20 years. 

No artist material is allowed in court. These sketches are purely captured on memory.




Marika is Chief Photographer of the weekly Georgian current affairs magazine Liberali...

She has documented much Georgian life post the 2008 Russian war and is based in Tibilisi, Georgia




Tyson is our 'go-to' man for any kind of news or entertainment photography. 


Michael Blann is quite simply a cycle nut. 

Uniquely he has the eye to cover both action sports and high end studio lighting portraiture of those same stars, all in the course of one day.

Araminta has the unique ability to gain the trust of her subjects; check out her portraits of the Numbers' gangsters in South Africa's hardest jails.

Gangsters, Matrics, newly circumcized men, Sangomas ( think witch doctors.. but in a suburban setting)



News photographer who specialises in documenting armed conflict around the world. 

Darfur, Helmand you name it..



Mark Shenley is our go to man for any kind specialist NGO demands..

Northern Nigeria, Iran ..anywhere you would want to send your Mother-in-Law

Herewith a man with access to some of the Premiership's hottest African stars and London's most exciting emerging MOBO music talent.

Iason is one of the best operators in Afghanistan, Lebanon, and Iran. 

Half Greek and Half English..depending on what he needs to be..


Jerome,  Afghanistan Correspondent, The Times.

Say no more


Having covered earthquakes and shot 10 page photo stories, intimate portraits and social documentary Boris is the business for China

Photo / Video / Multimedia Journalism



Petar is our man specializing in social and cultural issues in Central and Eastern Europe based in Sofia.

Idrissi Mohsine
Idrissi is our man in the Magreb  

If you need to move around Burma you need to know Eileen



Giorgio Cossu

Giorgio is another kinda slightly mad Italian who does masses of work for Riders for Health in Africa...

See opposite for his latest trip to Zimbabwe




If you are a "provider of content" - a photographer, a PR, a talent agent, a unit photographer, a photographer with special access, a content owner, a cartoonist... GRNlive Pictures can help you maximise the revenue to be collected from your asset, access, archive, property or IP opportunity  

You're a profesional freelancer or intermittent event owner with a great set of pictures, or premium access to an event  - why would you want to put them with a global agency when the story is a local story or a UK magazine story? Equally you've got a great global story (NB v. rare.) why would you want to put it with a locally based distributor ? (err. Yes this is where I might recommend pushing to my old friends at Getty, or similiar) for more info.


If you are a "user of services" on the demand side - a broadcaster, a newspaper, a PR, a distributor, a media owner, a website... GRNlive Pictures can help you find, book, administer and deliver the service you require.

You need to find and assign a trusted, accredited, insured operator, filmmaker or photojournalist in a hostile part of the world; GRNlive Pictures taps into the multi-skilled journalist network of GRNlive to fulfil your assignment. for more info.


GRNlive Pictures matches buyers and sellers of editorial photography. We are a Photographer's Agent. A broker of editorial content, whether that be photos, video, slideshows, court sketches, cartoons, interviews, assignments or distribution deals.