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GRNlive has set up a bespoke Assignments Service for video stories, photo stories or one-off media stories. So if you are an NGO or a charity, or even a GO and you need a photo or a video story we will find you the guy locally to do it - and we'll save you the aggro, the cost and the carbon footprint; and put some money into the local economy. If you need a guy to climb a mountain with a celebrity - we'll find him too.

To discuss finding a suitable photographer or videographer call Matt Buxton + 44 (0) 207 976 5335 or email

How GRNlive Multimedia Assignments works....


If you are a "provider of content" - a photographer, a PR, a talent agent, a unit photographer, a photographer with special access, a content owner, a cartoonist... GRNlive Multimedia can help you maximise the revenue to be collected from your asset, access, archive, property or IP opportunity.

You're a professional freelancer or intermittent event owner with a great set of pictures or video, or premium access to an event  - why would you want to put them with a global agency when the story is a local story or a UK/Global magazine story? Equally you've got a great global story (NB v. rare) why would you want to put it with a locally based distributor?


If you are a "user of services" on the demand side - a broadcaster, a newspaper, a PR, an NGO or a charity... GRNlive Multimedia can help you find, book, manage and administer and deliver the piece of collateral.

You need to find a trusted, accredited, insured operator, filmmaker or photojournalist in a hostile part of the world; GRNlive Multimedia taps into the multi-skilled network of GRNlive and does your legwork for you.


GRNlive Multimedia matches buyers and sellers of editorial photography and film. We are a Photographer's and a Film Makers Agent. A broker of people's services - whether that be photos, video, court sketches, cartoons, interviews, assignments, etc.

Have a look at some of the amazing photography and video talent associated with GRNlive:

Kofi Allen

Scott Corben

Hugh Macleod

Ruud Elmendorp

Mark Shenley

John D McHugh

Araminta de Clermont

Jerome Starkey

Tyson Benton

Idrissi Mohsine

Marika Kochiashvili

Giorgio Cossu

Michael Blann

Priscilla Coleman

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