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Internet week NYC: Geeks, Spills and daydreams

Posted by GRNlive on May 18, 2014 at 1:00 AM

GRNlive New York City reporter Carole King is covering Internet Week...where all the brains of the worlds newest communications tool meet to slap themselves on the back and moan about slow uptake...

As well as latest+breaking tech 2-ways from Silicon Alley, she can provide:

* Interviews with founders/CEOs up and down the Silicon Alley/Valley food chain

* Custom two-ways rising tech stars'n'upstarts being their disruptive selves at IWNY

* a sizzle-reel advancer or wrap on each day's breakout local/global tech buzz* other angles or persons of Interest?

All the basic marketing and pr stuff is here:" target="_blank">

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