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Over the phone, on camera, on IM or on webcam as the story breaks. GRNlive can get you your preferred correspondent on air within minutes.

GRNlive has professional freelance reporters, correspondents, journalists and photo journalists in over 130 countries. Have a look at our client list to see who uses our services. Today you can login to to see exactly who we have and where they's a much bigger network than ever before.

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GRNlive is the world's first ad hoc professional freelance news agency, delivering live coverage to broadcasters globally. GRNlive was founded by Henry Peirse, who, after covering the Bosnian war as a freelancer throughout the 1990s, saw the opportunity to set up a management service for journalists in the field. 

But don't just listen to what we are saying - read some of our client testimonials. 

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About GRNlive

GRNlive was called Global Radio News or GRN - we're the same place, just we're doing some rebranding... GRNlive is now Global Rolling News Live 

GRNlive is an independent distributor of news content supplying both on-the-scene reporters and the material journalists file to radio stations and TV broadcasters. As well as providing journalists with the opportunity to maximise the exposure of their material, GRNlive helps TV and radio stations find the stories and journalists they need for 2-ways and offers broadcasters a wide variety of high-quality visual and audio content on a global scale. GRNlive is the content solution for all types of news for all TV and radio stations around the world. GRNlive offers content and reporters in English, Spanish, Arabic and Portuguese.

We would like to hear from reporters and journalists everywhere around the world. If you want to start making more money, get in touch and broadcast your material to more editors than you could ever call if you were on the phone 24-hours a day. If you are a TV or radio station looking for timely, high-quality news content at affordable prices, get in touch. If a big story is breaking and you don't have a correspondent in place we will have.

There's no need to miss big stories or feel that you should have covered them in more depth.

Please contact us for more details, suggestions, comments or enquiries about getting involved (

We look forward to hearing from you!

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